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2017 Walk (Denver, CO)

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Welcome to our team, American Hemo Warriors! While we're still huge Broncos fans, the new team name represents how much these boys love being active, doing anything from playing on monkey bars to creating obstacle courses, and how much we think these boys and this community have the spirit of warriors.

Lincoln and Cole, 8 and 5, both have a rare bleeding disorder called hemophilia. People with hemophilia are missing a clotting protien that makes them prone to spontaneous bleeding into muscles and joints. It's treated by a medication, which is injected into a vein at home every other day. It is mostly effective but can't prevent everything. In the last year Lincoln was in a wheelchair a few times and had to miss some of his beloved sports like soccer and flag football and time on the school playground with his friends. Thanks to new medication and a new treatment plan he's had a great summer with few issues.

Lincoln went to hemophilia summer camp for the second time year!  They do normal summer camp activities like hiking and zip lining, but also work towards giving themselves medication with the help of their buddies, older campers, and the nursing and medical staff. This camp is HUGE in gaining independence and getting to connect with other kids that know exactly what their day to day life is like. 

The annual walk helps fund this summer camp as well as so many other activities that our chapter provides to learn about managing this disorder, education, assisting families struggling with the costs of having a chronic illness, advocacy for our complex healthcare needs, and creating a community of support for people with this rare disorder. We are so grateful for all of our friends and family that support us at the walk or in sprit every year so much and appreciate anything you can do this year!

Love, the Reinkings

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