Hello friends and family! Its time for the annual hemophilia walk!  This may be the last walk we have as a family since Elijah will be off to college next year.  We hope to have another amazing turnout with friends and family.   If you can't make it your donations are just as special!  We have renamed the team Pitchfork Pack this year because Elijah will be off to ASU to be a Sun Devil next year.  Thanks to all the dr's, nurses, friends, teammates, family and coaches he has had thru this journey of swimming with hemophilia!!!  We are so grateful.  

For those who are just joining for the first time. Our son Elijah was diagnosed with severe type A hemophilia when he was about 10 months old. My mom lost two brothers to complications from hemophilia. My uncle Ken was an amazing man with an amazing attitude on life despite all the challenges he faced.  Because of that, I gave Elijah his middle name after him. My cousin Kelly has an amazing son named Brett who also has severe hemophilia. This disease has had a big impact on our family. Because this disease is so rare, spreading awareness and support is so important and special to all affected by it. Thank you!

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