Welcome!  We have been part of the bleeding disorder community for 9 years now, beginning the moment Gabe was diagnosed with severe Hemophila A from a heel prick just days after he was born.

We are blessed to have this community- all the people we've met, the friends we've made, and the opportunities it has offered us.  The opportunities for us to meet and socialize with others who have Hemophilia, to meet so many amazing chapter and clinic staff who've helped us with so many decisions along the way, to feel comfortable letting our boy be his rough and tumble self, have all been so invaluable over the years and will continue to be so for years to come.  

Probably the most invaluable opportunity has been Hemophilia camp.  This will be Gabe's 3rd summer attending camp, where he has the opportunity not only to be in a traditional camp atmosphere like his peers, but to also learn the social and medical skills he needs to be independent and to live the life he wants as he grows up.

Join in supporting our team as we raise funds to ensure that Hemophilia camp is around year after year for Gabe and for other current and future kids diagnosed with bleeding disorders.

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