Dear Friends and Family,

The annual hemophilia walk (put on by the Hemophilia Foundation of Oregon) is coming up this year on June 17th.  It will be at Lewis and Clark University:

0615 S.W. Palatine Hill Road
Portland, OR 97219

The walk (2k) begins at 10am but registration starts as early as 9am.  We usually try to get there by 9:30am.  Please join us (you and your family!) if you can.  I'm assuming this year will be like the others with a lot of other stuff to do like face painting, a bounce house, kids games, pizza, etc.  I created a team (Eli's Allies) and you've found our team website!!  Click JOIN THE TEAM to join or SUPPORT US if you'd like to contribute. 
We appreciate all of your support and prayers through the years and are so thankful for how you have loved cared for Elijah and our family through it all.

May God greatly bless you,

Amy & Family

p.s. To join the team I think they require you to enter a fundraising goal of at least $100 but please don't feel pressure to fund raise; I'm happy to have you just come and support us by walking with us!

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