Nichelle Stigger

Team Captain Parker Strong Parker Brave 2017 Walk (Chicago, IL)

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This is Parker, he loves to run, jump, laugh and play just like any other toddler. What makes Parker special is that he has a bleeding disorder called Hemophilla. Parker is missing a protein in his blood called factor 8. This means he bruises easily and will bleed for a longer time. But this disorder wont stop Parker. He will be the greatest at what ever he decides. He will run, jump, climb mountains, play hockey, because we wont let this disorder hold him back. We also wouldnt have this kind of confidence if it wasnt for the support and education we recieve from The Bleeding Disorders Alliance. They have been with us every step of the way. Because of their efforts we have access to educational programming, legislative advocacy, financial assistance via scholarships, Medic Alert IDs, and more. But most importantly relationships in the community. Parker is able to connect with other boys and girls who are just like him and that is priceless. Wont you consider donating to our cause.

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Love the Stigger Family

Below is Parkers favorite song, I'm still standing!


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