Jaiden Nicks

Team Captain WTF (We Take Factor!) 2017 Walk (Denver, CO)

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WTF? Where's Team Flare? We're There Forever! Where's The Food? We Train Frogs! We Take Factor! Wow, That's Fantastic! And... We Thank Family/Friends...

... for supporting my 5th year of fundraising! Thank you!

I am back at it with the 2017 Hemophilia Walk, which is part of the National Hemophilia Foundation that supports programs to help people with bleeding disorders live normal lives, like me.

I am walking with my family and any friends who want to join my team to fundraise for the National Hemophlia Foundation. For the past 7 summers, I have benefited directly from these types of donations, as they help pay for me to attend Mile High Hemophilia camp. At camp, I learn how to take care of myself and my bleeding disorder. In years past, I learned how to mix my own factor and successfully poke myself. This summer, I booted my mom and dad from helping and am doing it all on my own - from ordering my own factor, to planning which days I need to poke and poking myself twice a week. My fastest time from start to finish is 5 min and 42 seconds - that includes mixing the factor, assembling it, cracking a joke and doing the poke. Next summer at camp, I look forward to joining the leadership boys - these are the older boys that mentor the younger boys. I may even let them practice on me like I got to do to the older boys when I was young!

Money raised stays with my local chapter. My local chapter sponsors community activities such as Education Dayz where I hang with my friends from camp.  

Your donation will be matched by my mom and dad, and then matched again by Ball Aerospace - so even a small donation will go a long way. Thank you for your help and support over the years!

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