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Dear Family, Friends, Colleagues and Associates,

I was going to send out my typical request asking for your support for the annual Hemophilia walk but then my husband David shared this video with me:

And it struck a heart string with me and even a few tears. As some of you know, David contracted Hepatitis C when a child from a blood transfusion while treating his hemophilia. He was one of the lucky ones. His generation of hemophiliacs was almost completely wiped out due to HIV/AIDS contracted from bad blood product. To think there was a possibility that I never would have met and married David or gave birth to my sons Jack and Liam.... this video gave me perspective, inspiration, and more meaning as to why I participate in the annual Hemophilia walk. I hope it does the same for you!

The Milwaukee Hemophilia Walk on Saturday, September 30th at 8:30 am at the Milwaukee County Zoo to raise funds for the work of the National Hemophilia Foundation and its chapters. I walk for both my husband and my nephew Logan who are afflicted with Hemophilia B Factor 9 severely. I will walk for a cure for hemophilia. I will walk for those individuals financial burdened by the medical costs in treating this condition and such complications such as inhibitors, orthopedic surgery, hepatitis, and HIV disease. I will walk for those mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandmothers, grandfathers and others who have lost a loved one from hemophilia or its treatment. Will you join me? Will you support my efforts? You can help support me by making a secure online donation using your credit card.

If you don’t have the funds, that’s okay, join Team Varney. There is no cost associated with the walk and if you sign up by August 13th you will receive an official walk credential kit w hich includes a train/carousel ticket! Raise $100: receive an official walk T-shirt, plus be entered in the 10 for 10 Wisconsin Challenge Raffle to win an Apple iPad mini.  Kids can fund raise too! If you are under 18, you will receive an official walk T-shirt if you raise $25.

I have been blessed to have a wonderful employer who provides great healthcare benefits. This year our insurance company approved treatment for David's hepatitis C. He is one blood test away from being called CURED! Please join us to celebrate David's life but help those who haven't been as fortunate. Thank you in advance for your support.

Sincerely, Leslie Varney for Team Varney

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