Memphis Kuhn

Team Captain Team MemJax! 2017 Walk (Denver, CO)

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My name is Memphis Kuhn and this is my sister, Jaxxie.  I am 10 and she is 8 and last year was the first time we went to Hemophila Mile High Summer Camp together.  We had a great time being in the mountains for a week with no electronics and hanging out with other kids who are affected with a bleeding disorder.  I have severe Hemophilia A and this camp is important for me to learn how to become more independent and learn the possibilites I have with hemophilia, not the limitations.   I love that my sister is able to be with me and learn more about the condition.  The Hemophilia Walk is a fundraiser so kids like me and my sister are able to participant in camp.  Please consider donating so we can continue to attend this important, fun and rewarding camp experience.  

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